"Dr. Silver was extremely helpful in finding the right contacts for me.  I appreciate that she was willing to listen to my concerns and continue to search for options until we found contacts that worked."

-Lindsey S.

Daily Disposable Lenses:

How would you like to open a new pair of contact lenses every morning? No solution, no lens cases, and no hassles-daily disposable lenses offer comfort and convenience while providing wearers with the freshest lens possible. These lenses are great for teens, athletes, allergy sufferers, people on the go and patients that only want contacts for “part-time” use. 

Monthly Disposable Lenses:

Monthly disposable contacts are lenses that are worn during the day, removed and cleaned overnight, and then disposed of on a monthly schedule. Various contact lens designs are available for different vision problems such as near sightedness, far sightedness and astigmatism.  Contact lenses come in tens of thousands of combinations of size shape and power. 

Extended Wear Disposable Lenses:

Extended wear contact lenses may be the right option for you if you would like to wake up each day with clear vision. These lenses can be worn continually for up to 30 days and nights and disposed of each month.  These lenses come in limited powers and may not be available for all patients.  Always remember with extended wear lenses that every day your eyes must: “feel good, look good and see good.”

Multifocal Contact Lenses:

Once we reach our mid-40s, our eyes lose the ability to focus on objects that are up close—this vision problem is called “presbyopia” and it affects everyone. Reading glasses used to be the only option available to contact lens wearers who everyday tasks that requires good near vision. But today, a number of multifocal contact lens options are available for you to consider. Multifocal contact lenses offer the best of both worlds: no glasses, along with good near and distance vision.

Duette by SynergEyes:

Brand new to the market are a new style of contacts that blend rigid gas permeable (hard) contacts with soft contact lenses. The goal of hybrid lenses is to provide the crisp optics of a RGP lens, combined with wearing comfort comparable to soft lenses. These lenses are ideal for patients who require more precise vision, those with high levels of astigmatism, and several corneal conditions such as keratoconus.  These lenses also come in a multifocal style.

Gas Permeable (GP) Lenses:

Gas permeable contact lenses are rigid lenses made of durable plastic.  GP lenses typically provide better vision, durability, and deposit resistance than soft contact lenses. So why doesn't everyone wear gas permeable lenses? GP lenses generally require an adaptation period before they are as comfortable as soft contacts.

Specialty Contact Lenses:

If you've been told in the past that you cannot wear contact lenses because of an irregular cornea, high astigmatism, corneal disorder or other problems, you may want ask about specialty contact lenses. Chances are…we have a lens for you!